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Pura Pora

Pura Pora

The fountain of ethernal youth

The renowned hot springs of Pura Pora (Rio Agua Caliente Cartago) are located only 14 km from the Rio Perlas Hotel, on the outskirts of Cartago. The thermal hot springs are considered a natural timeless treasure which has been rediscovered. As one of the world’s most famous historic hot springs, Agua Caliente has been an attraction for thousands of years. The rich attributes and healing powers of this natural wonder have made it a destination among seekers of relaxation and therapy, regarding it as the legendary "Fountain of Eternal Youth". The thermal waters reach a temperature of 55°C or 135°F. According to valuable expert opinion and quality chemical analysis of this thermal source, it is far superior to others in the world. There are many benefits for health to the bathers in these springs, from weak stomachs and liver, kidney pains to anemia, rheumatism, paralysis and various skin diseases. The water is also especially extraordinary and contains many health qualities when used as drinking water, including toxic cleansing and mineral balancing. From 1820 until 1910, the site, owned then by the “Bella Vista” company, served as a worldwide destination for the rich and famous, which came from all over the globe to experience its miraculous healing effects and wondrous treatment of various ailments. Patients suffering from convulsions, skin diseases, stomach problems, low immune systems and other diseases have benefited from its wondrous therapeutic effects and healing qualities, often after only one bath the results are apparent. Moreover, the archeological remains of Agua Caliente in Pura Pora are identical to the antique remains of the Indian settlements found in the nearby Rio Perlas Hotel grounds, which further emphasizes the connection between the two sites and their various natural water springs. Pura Pora brings the past history of the rejuvenating waters of the “Fountain of Eternal Youth” waters of the region to modern day times, in order to provide therapeutic, healing treatments to contemporary society and Rio Perlas Hotel guests. The Pura Pora Fountain of Eternal Youth is open especially for guests of the Rio Perlas Hotel, through a unique partnership with Pura Pora, which is under ownership of the same Group owning and operating the Rio Perlas Hotel.​
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